Whatever your landscaping needs, Sllab Landscaping can do the job! From your initial consultation to the completion of each design, we have he working knowledge that you can trust and the years of experience you can count on.
Our services include:
Lawn and Yard Maintenance: From spring cleans up,power raking, aerating, or a weekly visit to keep your property beautiful
Landscape design: Whether you have your own or you want us to take care of it for you. Putting ideas to paper is the first step in completing your oasis. The involvement of the client is of utmost importance in this process.
Loaming, prepping, and sodding: One of the quickest ways to obtain curb appeal. We take great pride when preparing a yard for sod. Making sure the grades flow away from your house, and once the sod goes down it is as smooth as a sllab of concrete. We will also walk you through the proper care of new sod to ensure a healthy beautiful lawn
Trees/Shrubbery's: Sllab Landscaping will use plants that are hearty for our area to create the perfect shrub bed or your own private forest. All plants are planted in a surrounding of top soil to ensure they thrive.
Interlocking stone/Retaining walls: From cobblestone walkways,to flagstone patios. This is a great way to increase any property not to mention te ease of maintenance. Even driveways can be done in interlocking stone.
At Sllab we also offer a wide variety of retaining walls. Cultured stone such as split and stack or corner stone can be used to build planters or property lines where the grade changes to drastically. We also use natural stone as well, such as rundle, sandstone Brown rundle, limestone, etc. They are all fantastic options for any project.
Irrigation: We also install irrigation systems. There is no better way to keep your yard beautiful and help conserve water. Irrigation requires less watering then with a hose, as you can set optimum watering times. Not to mention no hoses to pull around or role up.
Water Features/Ponds: Sllab Landscaping would like to integrate your interests and desires with the beautiful accompaniments of nature. Waterfalls or fountains, fish and water lilies, a pond or a stream, we can help you create a paradise on any property.